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Members of the MHBS

About The Masonic Hall Board Ltd.

Pursuant to the District Grand Master of the Eastern Archipelago Ordinance, the District Grand Master (DGM) was constituted as a corporation sole and is the owner in fee simple of the land at Freemasons' Hall, 23A Coleman Street, Singapore 179806.

The DGM declared that he held the said land pursuant to the rules set out in a Declaration of Trust dated 16th December 1949(the 1949 Trust Deed) including the power of amendment and of dissolution of the society known as the Singapore Masonic Hall Board and the Masonic Hall Board constituted by such rules.

At a subsequent meeting of the Masonic Hall Board, it was resolved that the rules set forth in the 1949 Trust Deed be repealed and the society known as the Singapore Masonic Hall Board and the Masonic Hall Board be dissolved and there be established a new Masonic Hall Board of Singapore (MHBS). The MHBS was accordingly constituted by Deed on 21st February 1979 (the 1979 Deed) which sets out a number of matters such as and not included to the constitution of the MHBS and the period of appointment of its members.

The objects of the MHBS are set out in Rule 1 of the 1979 Deed as follows "... to administer, maintain, repair, renovate, rebuild and operate [Freemasons' Hall] ... and the administer the buildings and other immovable property and all other movable property funds investments, goods, chattels and other assets of the [MHBS] ... for the purpose of providing a meeting place for all Masonic Lodges and other Masonic Bodies holding their meetings in the Republic of Singapore ...".

MHBS's mission statement is to coordinate the available resources to perpetuate the iconic presence of Freemasonry in Singapore by proactively maintaining the physical state of the Freemasons' Hall while regulating its use always to meet their desired standards of comfort and utility at minimum cost to the Brethren.

MHBS will continue to work in the best interests of Freemasonry in Singapore.