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What is being done?
At a total cost of SGD6.6m, an extensive program of renovation and extension is underway at the Masonic Hall, Singapore. The specific scope of work includes:

  • Renovations to the Temples, incl. renewal of aircon. However, overall ambience shall be preserved.
  • Creation and/or renovation of ancillary facilities, including:
  • Public Bar (managed by an external contractor/caterer)
  • Restaurant (ditto)
  • Possible creation of a Private Bar (downstairs)
  • Meeting rooms (multi-function; also available for rent).

During this time, certain of the Masonic Hall/Club's facilities will be unavailable, incl. kitchen and carpark. The carpark is expected to re-open by mid-2012; a new kitchen to become available no later than early 2012. As part of work required, two 'new' wings (created in the 1920s) will be renewed.

Why is this being done?
Having recently celebrated 150 years, these renovations and extensions are intended to position the Craft for robust growth during the next 150 years, and to ensure that the charter provided to Freemasonry in Singapore in year 1878 continues to be put to good use.

What is the project duration?
Work commenced on Oct 16, 2010, and is expected to be completed by mid-2012.

Who is doing the work?
Exclusive Design & Construction Pte Ltd has been engaged, on the basis of open tender. A total of six tenders were received.

How can Freemasons support the project?
Of the approx. total SGD 6.6m required, approx SGD5.5m already has either been secured or is expected to be. For the remaining sum, we look to Brethren to invest in the future of the Craft; or to generate the means to do so (i.e. via fund-raising). The target contribution (either via donation or fund-raising) by resident Masons in Singapore, on a per capita basis, is $3,000. This is entirely achievable.

What are some of the ways in which funds may be generated?
The following means of fund-raising exist:
Through the energy and ingenuity of Craft Lodges, considerable funds may be raised via events; while new Brethren may be attracted and the reputation of Freemasonry enhanced.
Lodge Benevolent Funds may be contributed towards the construction of the lift, which will enable older and less mobile Brethren to remain active in the Craft.

Individual contributions, of any amount, also are being received with appreciation.

It should be noted that all achievements by Lodges above and beyond their per-capita "target" will be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis by a generous benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous. Thus a significant multiplier effect is available to Lodges.

How will we be informed about the ongoing progress of works?
A newsletter is under preparation, and is expected to be released on a quarterly basis. Contributions from Lodges or individuals will be welcomed.

How will contributions be recognized?
There are several ways in which the contribution of Lodges and/or individual Brethren will be recognized:
During the renovation and extension process, a running tally of funds raised is to be displayed on noticeboards within the Masonic Club. This is intended to reflect the contributions made by both Lodges and charitable individuals.

Upon completion of the project, permanent naming rights for rooms created will be made available to those Lodges with the highest per-capita contribution (thus ensuring equivalence between Lodges of all sizes).

Commemorative plaques will be permanently affixed in a conspicuous, position, reflecting the details of the most generous of contributing Brethren.

All Brethren contributing in excess of $50 will be recognized via the presentation of a certificate in open Lodge.

Are contributions tax deductible?
Donations are not tax deductible.